Lauren Carr

Best-Selling Mystery Author 

Mac Faraday Mysteries, Lovers in Crime Mysteries, The Thorny Rose Mysteries 

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Who doesn’t want to be successful while sitting in their own home with their feet up? Well, Authors in Bathrobes tells budding writers what it takes to do just that. In Lauren Carr’s new book, she tells writers the truth about what it takes to be a successful writer today: determination, hard work, a dependable laptop, a full pot of coffee, comfy slippers, and a durable bathrobe. 

Lauren Carr is the best-selling mystery author of the Mac Faraday Mysteries and Lovers in Crime Mysteries. Based on book sales for her mysteries and anthologies, Amazon regularly lists her among their top one-hundred mystery authors in both ebook and print. 

A popular speaker, Lauren is frequently asked for advice about how to succeed as an author while running a business, cooking dinner, feeding dogs, and doing laundry. “Ten years ago, it wouldn’t have been possible,” Lauren says. “Nowadays, with a good wi-fi connection, an author can reach readers on the other side of the world while sending their child off to school and having a bad hair day.”

For Writers

One of the best ways to learn about your craft is to take lessons from those who have gone before. Lauren Carr freely admits that almost everything she knows about writing and publishing has been learned from her own mistakes. Before the days of Internet, Lauren Carr had very little avenues to advise her through the world of writing and publishing. 
Such is not the case anymore!

While Lauren Carr's busy writing schedule does not make it possible for her to publish other author's books, she does try to offer help where she can via consulting and other means. Use the contact form below for information about her services and services.

In the meantime, you can download a copy of Lauren's book, Authors in Bathrobes, and check back to this page regularly for articles or links to blog posts about writing and publishing.