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Lauren Carr’s Twofer Murder is a 2-for-1—making it a must-read for any mystery fan!

What's a Twofer Murder? It's Lauren Carr's Must-Read for Every Mystery Lover!

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Meanwhile, the ladies are spending the weekend in the presidential suite at a posh resort where Jessica Faraday is to accept a lifetime achievement award for her late grandmother at a murder mystery writers conference. But before they have time to get their facials, they get wrapped up in their own real mystery when an up and coming author ends up dead! 

"So Carr has done it again! Complex mystery plots mixed in with a great cast of distinct characters, including furry ones, that keep us guessing until the very end, with danger, intrigue and comic relief that makes the perfect mix for a fun weekend bout of reading." - Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads
"The book is intense, compelling, as readers follow the story lines for two different books. Yet the humor, family interactions, and loving relationships in Carr's books keeps reading both entertaining and fun... Carr gets better and better in her humorous scenes, as well as snappy dialogue that comes only from within close-knit friends and family... If you aren't reading this author, you are missing much more than an average mystery writer." - Glenda Bixler, Book Readers Heaven
"I don't know where to start. Simply 5 stars isn't enough for me. I have to admit Lauren Carr is my favorite Cozy Author. Each book is just better and better. Such is the case with Twofer Murder. She listened to her fans and brought us the characters from 3 of her fabulous series." - Sherry Legan, My Reading Journey
"Lauren Carr has once again created a delightfully entertaining murder mystery, combining two different scenarios, and keeping the reader on "the edge of his/her seat"!" - Rockin' Book Reviews
"Mac and Archie's dialogue about the fishing trip had me cracking up from the opening pages and I knew I was in for one hell of a good time. Lauren Carr has created a cast of characters that are complex and fully developed, with large personalities. Even the dogs, have distinct, strong personalities. The sexes are splitting up, the guys going fishing and the gals are spending the weekend at a murder mystery writers seminar. Neither trip will go as planned and there is plenty of murder and mystery to go around. The dialogue is witty and hilarious." - Sherry Fundin, Fundinmental

"Twofer Murder is a book done well. If you think one murder mystery was not enough for you. You will get two in this book. Lauren has now outdone herself with this one." - Nighttime Reading Center
"Lauren Carr's books are never boring, that's for sure. They entertain, give us a good mystery to dig into, keep the reader guessing, give us a few good laughs and make us eager for the next book. Warning: Lauren Carr's series are addictive, so be ready to read more than just one book!" - Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads
"Lauren Carr does a good job of moving the quirky storyline along nicely with an abundance of witty dialogue.  And you have no idea who the good guys are and who the bad guys are until the end." - Every Free Chance Book Reviews

Twofer Murder is a treat for fans of best-selling author Lauren Carr’s fast-paced mysteries! Lauren’s latest novel contains the main characters from her three successful series: Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, and Thorny Rose mysteries. The guys go away for a fishing weekend only to get caught up in the murder of a journalist investigating fraud at a timber company.

Lauren Carr

Authors are like athletes. We need to write every day or our writing muscles lose their strength. Also, like athletes, we need to push ourselves harder in order to reach bigger goals in our craft. This means writing outside our comfort zones—refusing to get stuck writing what our readers can come to view as formula.

When authors get content to write at the same level, without pushing themselves (and even their characters), then their writing becomes stale, not only for the writer penning it, but for their readers.

Lauren keeps her readers in mind when penning her mysteries. With them in mind, she doesn't expect her readers to have any more fun reading the same book over and over again than she would have writing it over and over again. So, it is not only for her own selfish reasons that she is currently writing—